Support humanitarian relief in Lebanon

bombed-building.jpgDespite the ceasefire between Israel and Hizballah, the humanitarian crisis created by the U.S.-supported bombing of Lebanon continues. On Tuesday, Jean Fabre, a spokesman for the UN Development Programme (UNDP) reported, “The damage is such that the last 15 years of work on reconstruction and rehabilitation, following the previous problems that Lebanon experienced, are now annihilated.” According to the UNDP, amongst the major problems that Lebanon faces is that of access to clean water as a result of bombing of underground waterpipes and sewers. Along with the mass destruction of civilian infrastructure, unexploded munitions now litter Southern Lebanon.While the people of Southern Lebanon need our political solidarity and our organizing against any continued aggression from Israel and the U.S., what they need most right now is humanitarian relief and a chance to survive this crisis.

Critical Moment is offering the following fundraiser offer to support humanitarian relief in Lebanon:
Thanks to the generous contributions of a donor who would prefer to remain anonymous, every donation (up to $500.00) raised will be matched dollar-for-dollar with a donation to Critical Moment. This is an excellent opportunity to express your solidarity with the people of Lebanon while also supporting Critical Moment.

Funds raised for humanitarian relief will be given to the Dearborn-based Arab Community Center for Social & Economic Services (ACCESS) who are working to ensure that our donations go directly to helping provide relief for the people of Lebanon.

Make your secure donation here.


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