Pat Finucane Centre and Relatives for Justice React to Collusion Report

From a press release issued earlier today:

Speaking after the release earlier today of the damning OPONI report into collusion between Special Branch and the UVF the Pat Finucane Centre and Relatives for Justice issued the following statement.



Raymond McCord, who lodged the original complaint which led to this report said earlier today in relation to the Chief Inspector of Her Majesties Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) and former RUC Chief Contable Ronnie Flanagan : “If he’s trying to tell us he didn’t know what was going on, he was a very poor chief constable and he shouldn’t be in the position that he’s in now. If he did know what was going on, charges should be brought against him and he should be stripped of his knighthood.”

RFJ and the PFC fully endorse these comments and have called on British Home Secretary John Reid MP to urgently review Flanagan’s continued employment as the British government’s ‘principal professional policing adviser’ as he is described on the HMIC website.

Speaking this afternoon RFJ spokesperson Mark Thompson revealed that a pdf version of the report had been emailed to British Home Secretary John Reid earlier today with a call for urgent action.

PFC spokesperson Paul O’Connor explained, “During the period investigated by OPONI Ronnie Flanagan held a number of senior positions including Operational Commander for Belfast, Head of Special Branch and finally Chief Constable. We fully support Raymond Mc Cord’s call for his actions/inactions during this period to be investigated.”

Nuala O’Loan’s report published this morning revealed that upwards of 40 officers failed to cooperate with her inquiry – ‘Operation Ballast’ – It was also established that the RUC Tasking and Coordinating Group (TCG) destroyed evidence.

Of the 40 officers who failed to cooperate 2 were former Assistant Chief Constables, 7 were Det Chief Inspectors, and 2 were Det Superintendents.END

Read the Ombudsman’s full report here.


Contact the Home Office and call for Ronnie Flanagan’s position as Chief Inspector with HMIC to be reviewed




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One response to “Pat Finucane Centre and Relatives for Justice React to Collusion Report

  1. Janus

    You are asking the right questions – Ronnie was never very experienced in operational policing because he never did any, look at his history previously ACC Belfast, then ACC Special Branch, then Deputy Chief Constable Operations, then Chief Constable – petty stupid if he did not know what was going on – or is he supported because he is covering for MI5, Ministers and Government – who also did not know what was going on despite the facts that they approved and supported RUC policy, strategy, tactics through training and finance – come on! Dig deeper prior – prior to being a chief officer of police he was in the elite E4 and TCG – how stupid does he and the Government think we are and prior to that at the infamous Castlereagh Holding Centre and he really has no knowledge? Ronnie was always very good at smooth talk and sycophancy but no operational experience on the ground but deserves an Oscar as a great actor.

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