Finucane Resolution passes House by huge margin

Read Rep. Chris Smith’s (R-NJ) press release here. (It’s more or less the release from the Committee the other day.)



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2 responses to “Finucane Resolution passes House by huge margin

  1. megs

    so this is a victory– but is it basically just symbolic? will the passing of this resolution impact the conditions on the ground, as far as policing and collusion? i honestly don’t know…

    kate, i am interested to hear your analysis of how/in what ways these kinds of political maneuverings actually affect change. you should blog about what you think the effects of this resolution will be.

  2. hi megan-

    thanks for your comment. you are right in your suggestion that i should spend more time commenting/analyzing some of these issues.

    the house passed the same resolution last year, and the senate version did not leave committee before the term ended. those of us involved in this sort of thing are lobbying to get it re-introduced in the senate, and the hope is that once both houses approve it, the call for a public independent inquiry will carry much more weight…i suppose at the very least it could be another embarrassment to the british government and will keep the issue alive and on people’s radars.

    as for the symbolic nature of the resolution…i think it’s too soon to tell what the outcome will be, whether or not having the resolution pass both houses will put more pressure on the brits, etc, etc. could be symbolic, or could be another drop in a bucket that will one day cause the government to quit fucking around. you never know unless you try? i may not have much faith in the american political system, but we sure can influence events abroad…

    i’ve got to go now, but i’ll try to blog more about my thoughts on this in the future.

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