i hate this man

assmonkey.jpgLet us now, for a moment, ruminate on the moral vacuity of a pop singer who so assiduously promotes liars and war-mongers as cool idealists (“Blair and Brown—the Lennon and McCartney of British politics!”) that they reward him with a bauble signifying association with the rape of continents.Let us reflect on the fact that not one of a large and representative sample of Dublin writers, film-makers, business executives and freelance celebrities who assembled in the U2-owned Clarence Hotel to mark the pop-singer’s acceptance of this token of imperial approval managed to summon the half-ounce of self-respect it would have taken to stand up and shout, “Shame!”

So writes Irish activist and journalist Eamonn McCann in Shame of the Empire: Simon, Bono and Tinkerbelle published today on Counterpunch. I hadn’t planned on commenting on Bono’s recent knighthood (note that he may not be called “Sir” since he is not a British subject*), but McCann just puts it so nicely that I couldn’t resist reposting the bit above.

McCann’s article actually addresses the recent return of the 15 British sailors held by Iran, and cleverly illustrates the parallels between that and the tale of Simon the heroic cat of HMS Amethyst (1949). The author quite rightly believes that the government and media spin regarding the treatment and subsequent release of the captives is meant to facilitate the general public’s acceptance of an assault on Iran.

* “You have permission to call me anything you want — except sir, all right? Lord of lords, your demigodness, that’ll do,” Bono told reporters after he was knighted.


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