battle fruit monkey

fmonkeys.jpgThe challenge: who can carve the better fruit monkey from a cantalope.  The stakes: steak.  Myself and my friend Tucker went head to head last week, and produced the two wee little monkeys that you see before you.  Neither of us had experience at carving anything out of fruit, but as you can tell we both have considerable skills in this department.  The monkeys were put to the test through an anonymous vote at work, and I am happy to report that i trounced sweet, unsuspecting Tucker and won the challenge 11-8.  Mmmm, steak.  I won’t tell you which is mine, though, because I think it ruins the fun.  They certainly look like good buddies though, don’t they?


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One response to “battle fruit monkey

  1. megan

    i think it is pretty obvious which monkey is yours—the one that looks like you—the one on the left of the photo….am i right?…i have to know!!!!

    has tucker demanded a rematch? cuz i think you should do pupdogs next, carved out of butternut squash.

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