UPDATE: Malachy McAllister action alert

This just in: Senator Frank Lautenberg may be interested in introducing a private bill in the Senate on behalf of the McAllister family.

Malachy McAllister and his two youngest children are facing deportation when the suspension of their order of removal expires in September.  A private bill in the Senate, similar to one attempted by Mr. Rothman in the House, would be their only hope to remain in with the older McAllister children and their families.

To help the McAllister’s our efforts must be focused this weekend September 21, 22, 23rd to contact the offices of Senator Frank Lautenberg. Our phone calls will demonstrate the importance of this issue.

Please call the Senator’s NJ office at 973.639.8700 AND the DC office at 202.224.3224 and leave the following message:

My name is _______. I am calling from _______. I am calling to ask for Senator Lautenberg’s support to prevent the deportation of Malachy McAllister and his children Sean and Nicola. Please Senator Frank Lautenberg introduce a private bill in the US Senate that would grant permanent resident status to this deserving family.

Please call both numbers this weekend!! If we can get enough messages left this weekend, it may be enough to show Senator Lautenberg that this is a very important issue–and it could get the bill introduced Monday or Tuesday! (Please continue to call after the weekend if you are reading this on Monday or beyond.)


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One response to “UPDATE: Malachy McAllister action alert

  1. Eamonn Dornan


    Many thanks for posting the alert. I’ve left an urgent message for you on your gmail account, if you don’t mind checking that ASAP.



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