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Reason no. 2568 why I hate my school

Free tomorrow night? Need some inspiration in your quest for peace, justice and sustainability? Why not head over to the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment to join in the accolades for guest speaker Libby Cheney, Vice President of Corporate Support at Shell Exploration?! A peek at Ms. Cheney’s bio:

Before joining Shell in 2006, Libby was the Manager of Non-Operated Global Development Projects for ExxonMobil Development Company in Houston, TX where she managed technical resources and decisions for global projects totaling more than $25 billion in gross investment. She began her career as a Reservoir Engineer in Kingsville, Texas. Her background includes various assignments managing multi-functional teams for producing assets from offshore Gulf of Mexico to West Texas and California. Libby subsequently led an organization of 150 engineers and technicians in developing and optimizing onshore . In addition, she spent time as the Senior Strategic Planning contact for project interests in Russia, the Caspian Region, and the Middle East.

Think Cheney will come prepared to discuss Shell’s numerous human rights abuses around the world?  Not at this school.  It was only a couple of years ago that the Dean refused to allow a speaker from CorpWatch to make a presentation in the building about Coke’s participation in human rights atrocities and environmental devastation in India because a representative from Coca Cola had not been invited to tell their side of the story.  Claimed she wanted to support the “fair and balanced” approach, to have all sides of the story represented (while clearly making exceptions for corporate polluters and potential financial donors to the school).


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michigan apples

It’s that time of year again! Max, Eitan, Joanna and I went apple and raspberry picking on Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous day and the trees were bursting with apples. The orchard we went to was unfortunately not organic (I’m not sure if there are any organic apple orchards around these parts), and you could see the pesticide residue on many of the apples. It made me very nervous, and I did my best not to touch my face or put my fingers in my mouth (read: eat with my hands) until after I got home and had a chance to wash them. I don’t know anything about the kinds of pesticides that growers use on apples now, and while they may be less toxic than they were in the days of alar, I didn’t want to take any chances. It was kind of frightening, though, to see the number of children whose parents were allowing them to eat right from the tree…

After stuffing ourselves with cinnamon-sugar donuts and cider, we returned home to prepare for Sunday brunch. Our first brunch with a theme (apples): apples & brie, apple pancakes, crepes with applesauce, apple cake with caramel sauce, bread with apple butter, as well as a vegetable frittata, savory crepes, and applewood smoked bacon…and it was ridiculously delicious. As was the caramel apple ice cream we just finished making. Mmm.


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