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Support Basque Youth Movement SEGI

segi-log_gif.jpgThe Irish republican youth organization Ógra Shinn Féin has drafted an online petition calling on the Spanish government to end its designation of Basque youth movement SEGI as a “terrorist” organization:

To: Spanish Government

We demand that you reverse your decision to declare SEGI to be a “terrorist” organisation and further demand that you reverse your decision to declare SEGI to be an illegal organisation.

SEGI is a political youth movement, which is representative of a large number of young people in the Basque country. You have decided to brand a completely legitimate political group as terrorists in an attempt to subvert the ever present Basque national liberation struggle. We condemn this purely political act and demand that you reverse this decision.

Further more we demand the immediate release of the entire National Executive of SEGI, who were arrested while exercising their right to protest. They are currently serving a 6 year sentence in prison.

Sign the petition here.


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